Vacation in El Tanque

El Tanque – high on the list for hunters

High up in the Duate hills in the west of the island lies the town of El Tanque.

Included within its border are the districts of Ruigómez, Erjos and San José de los Llanos, where there is a forest park.

The elevation and cool, clear atmosphere allow for some magnificent views out to sea, along the coastline and up to Teide.

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    Holiday homes in El Tanque, Tenerife

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    Holiday homes in El Tanque

Being close to the tree line, mist and low cloud can sometimes obscure the views, but on a fine clear day there are few better sights to be had anywhere on the island.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the population and the landscape has been shaped by the terracing of the fields, where grain and potato are the chief crops.

Hunting is one of the chief leisure pursuits and rabbit will often be seen on the menu at the local restaurants.

The Camello Centre is another popular attraction, offering camel rides through a spectacular landscape, followed by the chance to sample traditional moorish tea from a traditional moorish tea tube.

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