Vacation in Fasnia

Vacations in Fasnia, Tenerife

Tell them about the mummy, honey!
Fasnia lies at the foot of the volcanic mountain Montaña de Fasnia, which erupted in 1705.

To show their gratitude for their village being spared, the inhabitants established on the crest of the mountain the chapel of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores.

In 1770 the mummified bodies of several native Guanches were discovered in a cave in the nearby Herques gorge.

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The mummified remains can be seen in the anthropological museum of Santa Cruz, some 40 kilometres away.

These days the municipality of Fasnia is an important agricultural area, growing carnations, potatoes and tomatoes for export. Good quality wines are also produced in the area.

Nearby is the beach of Playa del Abrigo and there is a pool at Los Roques de Fasnia.

The countryside around Fasnia is dotted with white hamlets and is home to species such as rock rose, cacti and pine trees.

Fasnia is a good base from which to explore the south east coast and the much quieter hinterland.

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