Isle of Tenerife

Abades in the south of Tenerife

Abades means 350 days of sunshine a year

Vacation in Abades Abades can lay claim to being one of the sunniest places on the island with an average of 350 days in the year.

This small fishing village lies close to a number of golden sand beaches, the best known of which is that of Poris de Abona.

The village has only recently begun to devlop facilities for tourism and consequently has many secrets waiting to be discovered by eager visitors.

Abades retains the slow pace of life typical of the small number of traditional fishing villages that remain in Tenerife.

Bars and restaurants are a feature of the village promenade, where the fisherman partake of a glass or two of the island wine at the end of their working day.

Abades is a popular destination for scuba diving and has a good selection of bars and restaurants.

The beaches are also popular with the locals and are likely to be crowded at weekends.