Isle of Tenerife

Vacation in Arico

Vila of Arico - Renowned for its diversity

The municipality of Arico is an important agricultural area, growing potatoes and tomatoes for export.

There are co-operatives producing local wines, including the popular Abona white, and goat cheeses.

The area is quiet and peaceful and offers an excellent climate.

The tranquility of the area and the diversity of its rock formations combine to make it a popular destination for walking, abseiling and rock climbing.

Typical Canarian whitewashed houses are another feature of the landscape.

The municipality rises from sea level to a height of 2,529m, the highest point being Montanña de la Griete.

Arico is a collection of small settlements, including Lomo de Arico, mansion de Arico and Arico Nuevo. Each of these settlements has its own church.

As a farming area close to the sea, Arico's restaurants offer some excellent fare, ranging from fresh fish caught by local fishermen to the more traditional Canarian menu based around beef, pork and goat, with vegetables such as pumpkin, green beans, carrots, maize, potatoes and sweet potatoes, followed be tropical fruits and black and green figs.

Worth seeing in or near Arico

Iglesia San Juan Bautista
A small baroque parish church in Lomo de Arico.

Poris de Abona
A holiday settlement with a long, bright beach. At one end is the lighthouse of Faro de Abona, which affords a view over the bay and to the wind turbines inland.