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Tenerife is the biggest island of the Canary Isles with an extension of circa 2.040 km² and it also has the highest Spanish mountain, named Pico del Teide. In the very centre of the island lies this mountain with volcanic origin. Per aerial passenger line one can reach a height of 3.500 metres which is still not the very top of the mountain with 3718 metres.

Hiring a car on Tenerife makes vacations much more comfotable. Right after the arrival at Reina Sofía Airport (TFS) one can store bulky luggage in the trunk of the hired car. One can directly head to a hotel or to a private leisure residence. Than the rental car offers more independence and mobility.

Day trips to the Pico del Teide, to the impressive volcanic caldera Cañadas and to the Teno Mountains are highly convenient with a rental car since one can hardly reach these nature's wonders with public transport.

An all-terrain vehicle or an estate car with sterring booster are qualified for the serpentine streets. One major rule for drivers on the Canary Isles is that honking is advisable if you are on an extremly curvy road and where you cannot see whether there is opposing traffic or not. The sound of your horn draws attention on you and makes driving safe.

To explore the isle of Tenerife without depending on any public transport, you can hire a car and take a trip wherever you want to. You can enjoy the isle by your private hired car better than in any other way.





Regardless of whether you want to book rental car for carnival, sports holiday, hiking holiday on the Teide or your package holiday for the winter, you'll find it here!

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