Isle of Tenerife

Vacation in Garachico

Garachico – the town that fought back

Once the most important port in Tenerife, the proud town of Garachico was destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption in 1706.

Stubbornly the inhabitants rebuilt their town in the same place.

Formerly an important port for the export of wine and agricultural produce, the harbour was choked by the flow of lava into the sea and rendered inaccessible.

What was Garachico's loss was a major gain for Puerto de la Cruz a few miles along the coast, which took over the export trade.

But the folk of Garachico fought back, firstly through the cultivation of banana plantations to restore their wealth.

The beautiful old part of town escaped the eruption relatively unscathed and now makes an ideal base from which to explore the north west corner of the island.

The triumvirate of Garachico, Buenavista and Los Silos make up the Isla Baja, or Lowland Island.

Garachico has a multitude of historic buildings, including the castle of San Miguel, the churches of Santa Ana and Nuestra Señora de los Angeles, and the convents of Santo Domingo and San Francisco.

Worth seeing in Garachico

Castillo de San Miguel
This small fortress was one of few buildings to survive the volcanic eruption of 1706.

Convento de San Francisco
The convent and church are the oldest buildings in Garachico. It is famous for its fine carvings, large cloister and stone floors. Within the walls are nature, local history and geography museums.

Iglesia de Santa Ana
Only the portal escaped the lava flows but the church was rebuilt and more recent restoration work was completed in 1995. The church houses many important art treasures.

Plaza de la Libertad
Surrounded by wonderful old houses and shaded by stately laurel trees, this is a typical Canarian square.

Lava rock
A small lava rock which forms an island just offshore gives the town its name: Gara = island, chico = small

El Caletón
A lava stream that flowed into the sea has been worn away by the pounding of the tide to form natural swimming pools along the shoreline.

Eating out in Garachico

Casa Gaspar
A restaurant renowned for its fish and meat dishes - always fresh. The restaurant is on two floors with delightful views across the harbour.
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