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Vacation in Güímar, Tenerife

Sightseeing and mystery in Güímar

Güímar on TenerifeGüímar is home to the Pirámides de Güímar, a collection of small pyramids displayed in a small park.

The six-step pyramids of Güimar remain something of a mystery.

They were long ago thought to have been created by farmers stacking the rocks they unearthed during land clearance.

But in 1991, Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl (he of Kon-Tiki fame) claimed the 'pyramids' were much more important because they bore striking similarities to those built by the Mayans and Aztecs in the New World.

Heyerdahl also maintained that the rocks had not come from the surrounding fields but from the lava fields of Teide.

He also pointed out that a double sunset occurs on the summer solstice, which can be seen from the platform of the biggest pyramid. The sun first 'sets' behind a mountain peak but then appears again before finally disappearing behind the next mountain!

Guanches, the first known inhabitants of the Canary Islands, lived in caves under the pyramids.

Heyerdahl theorises that the Canaries were on an ancient shipping lane between the Mediterranean and the Americas, in use hundreds of years before Columbus set sail.

In 1970 Heyerdahl tested his theories by sailing from Morocco to Barbados in the Caribbean in a boat made from papyrus, thus demonstrating, he argued, that it was possible the ancient Egyptians had travelled to Central and South America.

Güímar is one of the oldest municipalities in Tenerife and has many traditional buildings, including two churches that date back to the 17th Century - Iglesia del Convento de Santo Domingo and the Iglesia de San Pedro.

Also worth seeing in Güímar

Iglesia del Convento de Santo Domingo, Iglesia de San Pedro
Both churches are in the town centre.

Parque Etnográfico Pirámides de Güímar
Here one can visit the pyramids and experience everything over the finds into and around her.

A lava field containing a 276-metre volcanic cone which has a diameter of 300 metres. A lava stream leads to down to the sea. A gas bubble explosion resulted in Cueva Honda, which is 100 metres long and up to five metres in height. Shopping & markets

Puertito de Güímar
Güímar's quiet port offers fresh fish daily and the opportunity for a pleasant walk along the promenade.