Isle of Tenerife

Vacation in Igueste de San Andrés

Close to the sea and mountains

Igueste de San Andrés is a small picturesque hamlet of around 700 inhabitants tucked away at the end of a coastal road and at the bottom of a valley close to the sea.

To many, Igueste is the next best thing to paradise, with tropical fruits like mango, guava, avocado and banana growing cheek by jowl.

Igueste is the starting point for several walks into the picturesque Anaga Mountains, one of which leads to the idyllic and remote Playa de Antequera, a beach of fine sand.

Igueste was an important lookout point in the defensive ring that warned the island capital Santa Cruz of an impending attack and a signal post left over from those bygone days is still to be found close by the village.

Some seven kilometres along the coast lies the golden sands of the man-made Playa Teresitas, created in the 1970s by an estimated four million bags of sand brought over from the Sahara desert.

This village is largely undisturbed by tourists and relaxation, peace and recovery are its main attractions.

Igueste has its own beach, Playa de las Gaviotas, but a visit is not for the faint harted since it involves a steep descent to a hidden bay, one of the reasons it remains so undisturbed.

Its remoteness makes is popular with nudists.