Isle of Tenerife

Vacation in Masca, Tenerife

Masca on Tenerife - For breathtaking scenery...

Masca, a remote mountain village in the north west of Tenerife, was only connected to the rest of the island by a bitumen road 10 years ago. The most beautiful village on Tenerife.

Until then the only way to reach the village was by donkey or on foot.

Masca, one of only five villages within the Teno Rural Park, is tucked away in a deep ravine that runs all the way down to the coast.

The scenery both in and around the village is, quite simply, breathtaking. Consequently, it is a popular destination for tourists. Fortunately the new road, though twisting and winding its way down the steep-sided valley, is wide enough to accommodate the many excursion coaches that zig-zag to and from the village on a daily basis.

Fewer than 150 people still live in Masca, their houses clinging to the sides of steep mountain slopes.

Restaurant in Masca

Pension El Guanche
A meal with a view - stunning mountain panoramas. Many of the dishes on offer are typically Canarian.