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Mount Teide National Park, Tenerife

The mount Teide, in Spanish Pico del Teide and its national parc are situated in the centre of the Canary Island Tenerife and are one of the most popular spots to visit when you are on holidays in Tenerife. The full name of the parc is "Parque Nacional de Las Cañadas del Teide". The name comes from the surrounding area of the mountains of Las Canadas which border the parc from East, West and South. The Mount Teide will attract you being on vacation in Tenerife.

Trips to the Mount Teide National Park

If you want to visit the parc you will need a full day to do that. Even if you don't walk to the highest mountain of Spain, you need some time to walk through the parc. There are many routes for people who are on vacation and the whole beauty of the parc will impress you so much that you need some hours to enjoy the wonderful are of Las Cañadas and Pico del Teide. A Feeling like walking on Mars... Important to know is that it is worth going early to the parc because later all the busses arrive and the parc becomes a centre of mass tourism.

The Mount Teide National Park is a good destination for walks, hiking tours, biking or just enjoying a wonderful landscape. Going by car, you can stop any time and take pictures of the impressing area of Mount Teide and the National Park.

History and important facts about the Mount Teide National Park

The Mount Teide National Park exists since 1954 and covers an area of 136 square kilometers. The mountain Pico del Teide is a volcano that is not covered with any plants. If you are on holidays in this region you will see that the whole area is pretty poor but also very impressive. More than three millions of people visit the parc every year, so it is the most popular one in Spain.

Snow Teide in Winter
Snowy Mount Teide in Tenerife

With its 3,718 m (12,198 ft) it is the highest mountain of Spain and is definitely a wonderful sight to visit if you are on vacation on Tenerife. It can be seen from the far distance from the plane. Several million tourists come here on vacation every year and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

At the moment the volcano is dormant, but clouds of sulfur are thrown out of it. Its last eruption took place in 1909, ten km northwest of the summit. In 1798 there was the last eruption within the Las Cañadas caldera, which was formed after the collapse of a former volcano and which is very impressive. Eruptive material partially fills the “Las Cañadas”, which have a diameter of about 16 km with the Mount Teide in the north and which lies in the “Teide National Park” (Parque Nacional del Teide).

Since the conditions around Mount Teide are very similar to those on planet Mars, the area is often used for studies by researchers who want to find methods for finding life on Mars. This beautiful landscape has so much to offer for your holidays.

You can drive with your car on the mountain up to about 2,300 m, or if you even want to go higher, it will only take you eight minutes by the Teleférico del Teide, a cable car which takes you up as far as 150 m below the narrow snow covered summit of the highest mountain of Spain, called El Pitón, and have a look over the moon-like scenery like in a science fiction movie in your holidays.

The access to the summit is usually restricted to 150 people a day and free, but you need to have a permit from the Park office in Santa Cruz.