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Travelling Tenerife - Volcano Island in the Atlantic Ocean

For many tourists, who are looking for recreation, the Canary Island Tenerife would be a good choice. Located 300 km from the shore of North-Africa, but still forming part of Europe. The climate is mild all year and the blue Atlantic is inviting for a bath - perfect for you travel to tenerife!

Tenerife is right in the middle of the Canary Island group so that you can easily travel to one of the other six isles. Travelling to the isle of Tenerife is particularly popular at Easter, Whitsun, Christmas and New Year's Eve. However, unfortunately, this boom has a very strong influence on the prices.

Tenerife above the clouds with Mount Teide
View from La Esperanza above the clouds
and Orotava Valley to Mount Teide

Tenerife offers beside possibilties for sun bathing many other intressting sights to travel to:

The magnificent historic center of San Cristobál de La Laguna, situated in the north of Tenerife, should be a primary choice for a sight seeing tour. It is called as well Spain's "first colony" and it is placed on the list of the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

La Laguna is the center of university of Tenerife and that comes why it is famous for its lively nightlife.

If you are looking for shopping bargains, the habour area and the historic center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the island's capital, is a perfect destination to travel to.

But what would be a visit on Tenerife without seeing the magnificient landscape created by igneous activities?!

The vulcano Mount Teide is dominating the entire island of Tenerife and is known to be Spain's highest mountain.

In a legend of aborigines Teide is known to be the home of Guayota, a bad demon that was captured by the sun god Magec and locked up insede the vulcano..

Another important sight are the mysterious Pyramides of Güímar. Not much is known about there origin. Native canarians say that once all the island was covered by such pyramides, howver most of them have disapeared. You can learn more about this interessting subject in the museon of the pyramides in Güímar.


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