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Holiday in Vilaflor, Tenerife

Vacation in Vilaflor, the highest town in Spain

Vilaflor Map TenerifeAt over 1,400 metres, over 4,500ft, above sea level Vilaflor can claim to be Spain's highest municipality.

Around 3000 people live in this lovely village that is situated in a wonderful landscape with a lot of beautiful flowers.

The climate up in the mountains is very clean and fresh. That's why the village is very suitable for a sanatorium.

Vilaflor may be remote but it sits astride the well-trodden tourist route leading from the busy resorts of the south to the island’s crowning glory, Mount Teide.

vilaflor village
Vilaflor, highest village of Tenerife and Spain

Surrounded by pine forests and set amid the purest and clearest air imaginable, Vilaflor makes an ideal base for those pursuing energetic activities such as hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and paragliding.

So Vilaflor is the starting point for several very interesting walking tours to the Paisaje Lunar or the Cañadas del Teide.

As well as being on the route from the south of the island to Teide National Park, Vilaflor has its own set of high peaks in Las Lajas at 2,165m, Guajara 2,715m and Los Retamares 2,534m.

cactus prickly pear, vilaflor
Cactus, exactly the prickly pear near Vilaflor

Even though there is low rainfall in Vilaflor and in the surrounding regions  people practice very intensive agriculture. One can see very picturesque terrace fields on both sides along the road towards San Miguel.

Above the village one can see some very big stone pines. Some of them have a hight of up to 45 meters. It's really worth a visit.

One can also see very interesting stone formations of volcanic origin.

Not far from Vilaflor is the Paisaje Lunar, or Lunar Landscape, an area of rock formations with a definite 'other world' feel.


Worth seeing in Vilaflor

Music, art & culture

Center de Artesania
Vilaflor is home to some of the best known craftsman on the island. Popular locals crafts include embroidery, ceramics and pottery.

History of Vilaflor& culture

The town was founded by the Soler family and their fortified family home lies close to the church in the centre of the town.

Other features of architectural interest include the summer residence of the Bishop of Tenerife, the Case del Obispo.

The saint Pedro de Bethencourt, founder of the Bethlemite order of monks and canonised by Pope John Paul II in recent years, was born in Vilaflor in the 17th century.

Churches in Vilaflor

Iglesia San Pedro Apóstol

The parish church has a number of interesting jewels and religious figures, including a statue of St Peter.
Worth a visit is also the church "Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol", build in the 16th century on an older chapel. What is very interesting is the cross with Jesus sitting next to it. It's very recommended to visit this church while being in Vilaflor.


Holiday destinations around Vilaflor

The closest vacation spots around Vilaflor you can get to are Granadilla de Abona, San Miguel de Abona, El Medano, Adeje, Arona, Arico, Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas.





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