Isle of Tenerife

Climate and Weather in Tenerife

As everywhere differently in the world, the weather and the climate on Tenerife are very much depending on the respective location.

Therefore one finds the warmest climate, or the highest temperatures in the west and the south of the wonderful holiday island Tenerife.

The climate and weather relations on Tenerife are wonderful and always provide for good mood. Sunshine and high temperatures belong on this island to the everyday standard and make them therefore very much popularly for tourists and vacationers.

Tenerifes different climate zones

On account of many small weather zones one can select to himself his climate depending on the respective location. By the different climes Tenerife is like if it would be a small continent. In no other location of the world the differences in temperature are so low between summer and winter, as on the holiday island Tenerife.
Within a few minutes, anyway one comes from a climatic zone by car into the next one. So for example it can happen that you start from the Puerto de La Cruz in the north of the island with cloudy weather and you drive in direction to Bajamar or Tacoronte, only a few kilometers, and you will find sunshine there.

The complete northeast of the island of Tenerife is formed by a rugged area. The massif rises steeply up from the Atlantic, which is forming the precipitous coast.

The range of Anaga is abundantly covered with vegetation for the most part and sometimes veiled by clouds.

Should you approach, however, the Teide, you can count on cold hoists and sometimes even on a little snow. The Mount Teide is with 3718 metres the highest mountain on Tenerife and even the highest elevation on Spanish state area.

Palm Tree TenerifePrecipitation in the form of rain gives on the island rather seldom, hence, one can also not speak of a right rain season. In spite of the temperatures high all year round there are on completely Tenerife hardly air-conditionings.

The home local residents and hotels swear more on ventilating fans which should provide for coolness and freshness. The minimum annual average temperature amounts on Tenerife in winter to 15 degrees centigrade and the maximum annual average temperature amounts to 24 degrees centigrade in summer.

The most sunny month of the year is July with an average of 10.6 hours of sunshine a day.

There highest temperature with 25 °C are reached in the month of August.

The water temperature reaches the highest temperature of 23°C in September and October.

Primarily trade winds and aerial currents of the Gulf Stream determine the climate on the holiday's island Tenerife. Above all the coastal regions have the highest temperatures, most solar hours, the at least clouds, as well as the best and most pleasant weather.

On the mountain Teide it does snow yearly about 3 months, however, one can go swimming within one driving hour in the sea at pleasant and warm temperatures. In some months even temperatures from up to 35 degrees centigrade can appear.

The months with most solar hours are June, July and August. During these months there are no rainy days.

The altitude and the pure, fresh air form the Atlantic Ocean are very good conditions for persons suffering from rheumatism or respiratory diseases.





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