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Canary Wine from Tenerife

Mai 31st, 2022

Shakespeare’s Tenerife tipple making a comeback

Tenerife wines have performed well in the international stage in recent years, featuring prominently among the gold winners at a number of important wine fairs.

But tenerife wines in the past look back to a dramatic history. Grape varieties used in wine making in Tenerife are among the few survivors of a disaster that struck the European wine industry nearly 150 years ago.

An aphid from America was accidentally imported into France in 1860, … Read the rest

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May, the bloom of Tajinaste flower

Mai 1st, 2022

The spring month May is the month of love, warm temperatures and the of efflorescent biota. 20 % of the vegetation of the sunny island of Tenerife can be found in the Teide national park.

And it’s Tajinaste time on Teide! This flower (tajinaste rojo, Echium wildpretii, bugloss, Tower of Jewel) is a columnar plant with a beautiful and lush red colour.

tajinaste bloom

In the late spring or early summer, in the months of May and June is the time Read the rest

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Street arts festival MUECA crams in a lot

April 5th, 2022

Mueca Puerto de la CruzMUECA always kicks off in spring, bringing another dimension to the cultural diversity of Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife.

The International Street Arts Festival (or: Mueca Arts Festival), now in its third year, takes place in the central streets, squares and around the harbour of Puerto, with lots of performances lined up over the three days. Entry to most of the activities is free.

Every year the festival drew thousands of visitors to the town.… Read the rest

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Canary Center Shopping

Oktober 9th, 2019

La Paz is a noble residential area in Puerto de La Cruz with many habitants from Germany. Accordingly there are many german restaurants and coffee bars, shops and other facilities in La Paz (in english: peace). Nearly all the german shops are situated in the Canary Center, which is a shopping passage.

canary center shopping, puerto de la cruz
Beside noble boutiques and other shops you can find here as well physiotherapists, traditional healer and medical consults (Deutsches Ärztehaus). The visitor can find a … Read the rest

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Shopping in Tenerife: The annual Summer sales

Juli 5th, 2017

Time to snap up the bargains

«Rebajas» signs went up all over the island of Tenerife when the start of the annual summer sales takes place. Shopping in Tenerife at its best at annual Summer and winter sales…

There’s always a wide range of discounts available in the stores of the island capital of Santa Cruz, with some stores offering just 20 per cent off, while others have bitten the bullet and gone straight in, cutting prices by as … Read the rest

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