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Holidays in Costa del Silencio

Situation of Costa del Silencio, Tenerife

The village and beach of Costa del Silencio is located in the South of Tenerife right next to the holiday places of Las Galletas and the local government of Arona. The village Palm Mar also belongs to the area of Costa del Silencio which means "coast of silence" in its translation.

The atmosphere in Costa del Silencio
If you travel to Costa del Silencio you will see that it is a pretty little place in the South of Tenerife but it still has this typical atmosphere of the Canary Islands, still far away from mass tourism. In the village you can find many restaurants, bars, cafés and little shops, so it is an ideal place to go on holidays.

Accommodation in Costa del Silencio
When you travel to the South of Tenerife you can choose between many different kinds of accommodation. First, you can find a lot of great hotels there. In the hotels you will have an amazing vacation because the service you get there is excellent. Furthermore, you can sleep in apartments which are equipped very well and spend your holidays there. In the most apartments you have a sleeping- and a living-room as well as a bathroom and a little kitchen for cooking tea and coffee and preparing food for dinner or lunch. So if you want you vacation to be individual, you can perfectly choose apartments.

The beach and activities in Costa del Silencio
The beach of Costa del Silencio is no long sandy beach. There are many impressing rocks and cliffs so you can watch the whales or dolphins. Furthermore, there is a little harbour in Costa del Silencio which invites you to go on a walk in the evening and enjoy the beautiful sea. If you are a diver you will have perfect conditions for your sport in Costa del Silencio. Even if you do not have much experience with that topic and just want to try diving, you can do it. There are diving schools and you can learn how to dive in one of the great classes.


Beaches in Costa del Silencio

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