Canarian Potatoes: recipe for wrinkly potatoes

January 7th, 2014

Canarian Potatoes – How to make them?

Culinary skills on the island of Tenerife stand comparison with anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the history of tenerife and the canary islands. An eclectic collection of dishes now claim a place on the menus of Tenerife’s diverse restaurant, because centuries of influences stirred into the mix by the island’s location along the busy trade routes down the coast of Africa.

However, there is one speciality certain to be found in … Read the rest

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EventosTino – banquets and restaurant

December 20th, 2013

EventosTino is an innovative company, which is organizing banquets and any kind of events and celebrations such as marriages, communions, stag parties, business meetings and more.

Restaurant la Viña

If you are on Tenerife and you would like to organize a celebration, you can count with the best support you can have from EventosTino. The professionals know very well how to prepare and organize celebrations in a professional way. You don’t have to do anything by yourself, only enjoy and celebrate … Read the rest

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Restaurant Paso del Teide – traditional and versatile

March 15th, 2013

The restaurant Paso del Teide is situated in Aguamansa, above of La Orotava in the North of Tenerife. This restaurant has got a long tradition and offers its guests a special service like for example food to take away, special menus for celebrations and events, excursions by camel and much more.

Restaurant Paso del Teide

The restaurant Paso del Teide at the beginning was only a bodega, which got more and more guests each year. Nowadays the restaurant desponds of … Read the rest

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Restaurant El Gran Chaparral – barbecue and more

March 13th, 2013

If you like to eat outside and you want to try the typical canarian food or the international dishes,  the restaurant El Gran Chaparral in Tenerife could be of interest for you.

This inviting restaurant is situated on the country street Carretera General at km 3 in La Perdoma, directly next to the street and you really can’t miss the restaurant. La Perdoma is a small village between La Orotava and Los Realejos.

Restaurant El Gran Chaparral

This is a place which … Read the rest

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LiveLove Tenerife – places to visit, things to know

March 6th, 2013

Tenerife is such a unique and special place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and for many years that you live here or spend your holidays here, you never know everything about this isle.

LiveLove Tenerife is a very enchanting blogspot with really good tips about where to go, special and nice places to visit. A group of friends who like to write about Tenerife open the blog LiveLove Tenerife and write about nearly everything you shall … Read the rest

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