Isle of Tenerife

Big bangs for big bucks

With a massive budget of 162,000 euros, the May celebrations at Los Realejos in the north of Tenerife are spectacular to say the least.

The fiesta programme of events began on April 26 and some, notably the sports tournaments, continue until the end of May.

But the one event that draws extraordinary crowds to the town is the Exhibicí­on Pirotécnica, this year on Thursday, May 3.

Two rival manufacturers supply the fireworks for the late-night display, which is generally regarded as being the best anywhere in the Canaries, if not the whole of Spain.

And this is on an island where they need little or no excuse for staging spectacular fireworks displays.

Thursday’s pyrotechnic show will come at the height of the Festival of the Cross, around which the whole of Los Realejos’s month-long celebrations are centred.

The month-long event celebrates the culture and important traditions of the Canary Islands, with the focus on music, costumes and crafts.

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