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Loro Parque

The Loro Parque is a huge zoo in Puerto de La Cruz, situated on the North of the isle of Tenerife. This attraction has been founded by Wolfgang Kiessling and his father.

Orca Tenerife
one of the orcas in Loro Parque

This Park is like a botanic garden and a zoo. Here you can find many attractions beside a huge variety of animals. Early Loro Parque has been a zoo for lots of species of birds an parrots, some of them in danger of extinction. Nowadays it is one of the most famous and visited tourist attractions on the isle of Tenerife. Loro Parque came into being over 30 years ago, initially specialising in the breeding of rare parrot species to prevent their extinction. They have since gone on to rescue and protect scores of other animals.

If you visit Loro Parque you can get immersed in the fascinating world of animals and also some exotic flowers and plants. One of the highlights in this zoo are different animal shows, which you can enjoy in Loro Parque. The latest attraction is a show with Orcas, who have been braught to the zoo in 2006. As well you can enjoy a great show with dolphins, sea lions and parrots with their trainers. Another thing you should not miss in Loro Parque is Planet Penguin. Here you can see different species of pengiuns. A special part has been formed into a perfect habitat for some of them. The climate of the Antartic has been formed with tons of ice and snow. You really feel like in the Antartic if you see how its continuately snowing.

Loro Parque shows are as spectacular as anything you’ll see in Florida, separately featuring the killer whales, dolphins, sea lions and parrots.

dolphin show Tenerife
Dolphin show

Sea Lion Tenerife
Sea lion

Penguins in Planet Penguin, Tenerife
Penguins in Planet Penguin

Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz has a list of species that includes Orca killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, tigers, jaguars, sharks, alligators, chimpanzees and flamingos. Virtually every important member of the animal kingdom is represented here. You’ll need a whole day to do it justice and still you will want to go back again the next day!

Many of Loro Parque’s inmates have been rescued from private owners. Others have been donated by other zoos who thought Loro Parque could offer them a better environment.

A very special habitant of this zoo ist a white tiger.

White tiger LoroparqueWhite tiger

The whole surface of this park is more than 135.000 m². In Thai Village, an originally thai village has been built inside Loro parque, you can buy some souvenirs and other things. It’s easy to get there, from the center of Puerto de la Cruz you can take a train for free, which is bringing you to the entrance of Loro Parque.

Many of the animal enclosures – there are few cages here – mimic natural habitats. For example, a virtual jungle has been created for the gorilla enclosure, housing six male gorillas and occupying 3,500 square metres.

Snow falls every day in Tenerife – up to 12 tons of it on to a bleak, rocky landscape where the temperature never rises above zero degrees.

Planet Penguin – Where paradise is zero degrees!

The Penguin House is a wondrous place, reproducing the climate of the Antarctic in the finest detail, even producing 12 tons of ice and snow a day for the enjoyment of the 250 penguins accommodated there.

penguins tenerife

Impossible you might think in this island of eternal spring, where the sun shines all year round and the climate is reckoned by many to be the best on the planet.

While the sun worshippers spend lazy days on the beaches of Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the island, just a few yards away conditions are very different for the residents of Planet Penguin at Tenerife’s most popular visitor attraction, Loro Parque

This penguin paradise replicates in minute detail the habitat of their native Antarctica, where the world’s largest fridge maintains a constant temperature of air and water, and where snow falls throughout the day to ensure that the King, Rockhopper, Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins feel perfectly at home.

Their well-being was confirmed recently by the hatching of seven chicks, with another 20 eggs continuing to be incubated by parent birds in the comfort of specially-built nests.

The 4,000-square metres penguin quarters are a constant amazement to the thousands of visitors who flock to Loro Parque every day to be escorted through the spectacle on a conveyor-belt walkway for a close-up of the penguins as they swim, play and chatter, just as they would in their natural environment.

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