Isle of Tenerife

Travel Story: My travel to Tenerife Island in the last Summer

Here’s my travelogue.

In the last summer I traveled in my holidays to Tenerife Island.

My hotel was located in Playa de las Americas, this is in the south of the island.

Playa de las Americas

I was shocked, because my first impression of the south was like an desert. If the trees and plants don’t get water from the resorts, then nothing would grow up there. But it looks very nice.

The name of our hotel was “Los Hibiscus”, a very nice location. There you can find a swimingpool and the rooms are with balcony. The beach was only 10 minutes away from the hotel.

The beach has black sand, but at some bays they put white sand, so it looks like classic beaches. Because of historical reasons, the island arised by volcano activities, the sand has it’s black colour.

Los Gigantes

At my first night I found some cockroaches, but you have to know, they live here longer then any human and are very shy. It´s pretty normal in these warm regions to see cockroaches.

At my second day of the holdays i made a dolphin tour, and it was very nice. Included in this dolphin tour is a shipping near the stone coast at Los Gigantes a very huge (500 meters high) mountain at the coast. After some minutes we saw many dolphins. This was my highlight of the travel to tenerife island.

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  1. Gail j Gray(Mrs) Says:
    February 15th, 2014 at 1:27 am

    I have been to Tenerife 2 times, I love the place it was very strange when I read Michael Schumacher stayed in the same hotel as I did way back in 1976 when Michael went in 2002.I am hoping to return there in 2015, 1 love Spain it has such good foods and cultures, with wonderful music. if I was a bit better off I would leave lousy England, I would love to live in Tenerife or Kerpen, Germany or Geneva, Switzerland. I used to be a jet setter before I got married and I prefer flying as I love riding on them, I never get air sick or jag lagged.The places I only love in England is Somerset,Devon and Cornwall, I do not go away abroad to get a suntan or lay on the beach and get sunstroke.

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