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Last month I discovered a really good company, which is organizing excursions and sports activities all around the isle of Tenerife.

The young and innovative company is called patea tus montes, what means more or less: hike through your mountains.

We got some instructions from José before we entered the cave

José and his team are offering their service since 1996. Their headquarter is located in La Orotava, in the North of the isle.

With patea tus montes you can hike all over the isle. Excursions are offered round Mount Teide National Park, the vulcanic landscape, in the Anaga mountains and Teno and many other interesting places on Tenerife. With the professional guides you get a lot of background information about fauna, flora and geological conditions of the isle.

We got some instructions from José before we entered the cave
José and his team are offering as well adventurous trips through caves and vulcanic tubes, which you can find with frequency on the isle of Tenerife. I participated on an excursion to the vulanic cave of San Marcos. It was really exciting, but with José the whole group felt quiet secure deep down inside a vulcanic tube. We got a lot of information about the origin and charcteristics of such a vulcanic tube.

Vulcanic tube San Marcos
Inside the cave of San Marcos
Vulcanic tube San Marcos
Nena and Ivan inside the vulcanic tunel system of San Marcos
After we went down to playa de San Marcos and we learned how to kayak! We learned the basic instructions and how to act in case of danger. We had so much fun out there with the kayaks. Some of us got dropped into the water. 🙂

If you want to make a tour by mountainbike on Tenerife, you can join patea tus montes. They offer mountainbike tours and trips with kayaks. The tours are organized in different levels for beginners and advanced learners.

Patea tus montes arranges as well climbing trips on Tenerife. If you join an excursion with patea tus montes you get all the necessary equipment provided. The trips include transfer and professional guide.

If you are interested in excursions, Hiking, climbing and mountainbiking, you can find more information on the homepage of patea tus montes:

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