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Basking in life’s simple pleasures

A group of us Brits were idling away a quiet evening over a glass or two of the local vino tinto the other night when the conversation turned to what attracted us all to Tenerife.

We were a mixed bunch, some staying here permanently, some as winter swallows spending up to six months a year, while others are fortunate enough to be able to holiday here two, three or even more times a year.

Of course, we’re all familiar with the tourist blurb that talks about the island of eternal spring, the warm all-year-round climate and the endless hours of sunshine, all of which are good enough reasons in themselves for wanting to spend as much time here as possible.

For many of us, particularly those now living on a pension, the attractions are financial, prompted by a much lower cost of living than back in the UK, with household bills a fraction of what they are back home, petrol at less than 50p a litre, cigarettes little more than £1 a packet, greatly reduced fuel bills… and so the list goes on.

Others point to the friendly, welcoming and open nature of the Canarian people, who seem more than happy to share their delightful island with hordes of incomers from northern Europe.

Health is also a key factor, the everyday natural warmth soothing away the aches and pains of those in their later years.

Some enjoy the contrasts of the island, from the hustle and bustle of the island capital of Santa Cruz to the serenity and beauty of the rural forests and mountains.

Tenerife, we all decided, has allowed us to experience and appreciate once again some of life’s simple pleasures. The island is worth spending the whole winter here!

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