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Subtropic garden Tigaiga

The Hotel Tigaiga in Puerto de La Cruz owns a unique, subtropic garden. The hotel is placed above the centre of Puerto de La Cruz near the Taoro park.

Hotel Tigaiga and its garden exist since 1959. The surface area of the subtropic garden amounts more than 4.000 m². In this little paradise you can find blooming flowers in nearly all the colours, plenty of palm trees, aquatic plants and much more. The different plants have their origin as well in the Canary Islands as in nearly all other continents and countries of the world.

A guided tour through the subtropic garden is organized once a week on clients request. Don Cristobal, a graduate biologist, guides the guests through the garden and informs about origin and special characteristics of the different plants.

The hotels employees are caring about this big variety of plants and palms with a lot of love. Mrs. Ursula Talg, one of the owners of the hotel, is specially responsible for the subtropic garden. The surface with all this subtropic plants has grown over the years and nowadays it is impressioning uns with tall palm trees and blooming flowers. The Hotel Tigaiga owns more palmtrees than hotel-beds.

A visit in the subtropic garden of Hotel Tigaiga is not only possible for hotelguests and everybody interested in plants can visit this garden. If you wish to visit the subtropic garden you can contact with the reception staff of Hotel Tigaiga and will shurely be attendy kindly and guided through the subtropic garden.

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