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Traditional festival ”Romería de San Marcos“ in Tegueste

Tenerife’s art, music or film festivals are famous all around the world. The unique combination of sunny weather, live music, spectacular landscapes and first of all the great fun is common for this island.

Additionally, a lot of festivals in tenerife promote folk and rural traditions. For example “romeria festivals“ are a well-known-way to honor different patron saints.

The ”Romería de San Marcos“ ist one of the most popular traditional festivals. It takes place in Tegueste, a municipality of the northern part of Tenerife in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

It is a pilgrimage of folk music and traditional Canarian clothes and what is more, of colorful oxen-drawn carts.

The Romerí­a de Tegueste, named „Romería de San Marcos“ because it’s a famous traditional festival, which main aim is to honor Saint Marcos.

The festival promotes, but first of all conserves and cultivates old Canarian traditions. That is why; it is a great and unique opportunity to experience some of time-honored activities, Canarian dress, wonderful folk music and dance of traditional folk groups.

If you would like to experience a great atmosphere and to find yourself in the middle of a colorful and traditional festival, where the locals know exactly how to celebrate, the Romerí­a de San Marcos would be perfect for you!

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