Isle of Tenerife

Where have all the tourists gone?

Record numbers of tourists heading for Tenerife, the headlines have been screaming in the build up to the annual Easter holidays.

Yet already the bar, cafe and restaurant owners on the island of eternal spring are asking: ‘Where are all these tourists? We can’t see them!’

The problem is that so many of the island’s hotels are signing up to the latest tourist fad – namely, the all-inclusive holiday.

Going ‘all-in’ means that you take all your meals and all your drinks within the confines of the hotel and its grounds.

Personally, I can think of nothing worse than spending an entire holiday cooped up within the confines of one establishment. But it seems that many 21st century tourists see it as the perfect holiday.

And it’s leaving many small business owners on the island ringing their hands in disbelief. Not a few of them are worried.

Recent Canarian government figures confirmed that there are some 10,000 catering establishments on Tenerife and it seems that many of them are already feeling the pinch as more and more hotels and tour operators turn over to this latest fancy.

To give an idea of how all-embracing and world-encapsulating this trend has become, simply typing in the words ‘all inclusive holidays’ into Google returned a staggering 2,660,000 results, offering all-inclusive deals in all four corners of the globe.

In reality, it’s yet another example of the march of global corporatism that threatens to make every town and city in the world a carbon copy of its neighbour.

It’s already ruined High Streets the length and breadth of the UK and now it’s beginning to threaten those places where traditionally we have been able to get away from it all.

Undoubtedly we live in a crazy world – yet it seems to be getting still crazier by the minute.

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