Isle of Tenerife

Climes and attractions on Tenerife

By the different climes Tenerife is like if it would be a small continent.

Within a few minutes, anyway one comes from a climatic zone by car into the next one.
So for example it can happen that you start from the Puerto de La Cruz in the north of the island with cloudy weather and you drive in direction to Bajamar or Tacoronte, only a few kilometers, and you will find sunshine there.The Promenade of Puerto de la Cruz

The complete northeast of the island of Tenerife is formed by a rugged area. The massif rises steeply up from the Atlantic, which is forming the precipitous coast.

The range of Anaga is abundantly covered with vegetation for the most part and sometimes veiled by clouds.

Places you should visit are the botanic garden and the Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz, or the small idyllic mountain village Masca situated in the romantic range of Teno.

Another highlight of Tenerife are the historical centers of La Orotava and La Laguna. The city of La Laguna or “San Cristobal de La Laguna”, to give it it’s full name, became the model for many colonial towns in the Americas.

For who is interested in winegrowing culture, the wine museum in El Sauzal in the north of the island, would be interesting to visit.

Tenerife is such a unique and special place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and for many years that you live here or spend your holidays here, you never know everything about this isle.

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