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Tenerife top of the hot spots

Britons looking for an Easter break abroad are most likely to go to Tenerife or Disneyland Paris, according to an analysis of internet search engine inquiries by Hitwise.

In their top twenty of specific search queries for overseas destinations “˜Disneyland Paris’ was first but “˜cheap flights to Tenerife’ and “˜flights to Tenerife’ were second and third respectively.

Put the two Tenerife figures together and the biggest of the Canary Islands is clearly top of the hot spots.

The figures also show a clear preference being expressed for sunshine destinations, with Cyprus and Malaga fourth and fifth, ahead of Amsterdam, France and New York.

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  1. Steve Chick Says:
    March 29th, 2007 at 1:35 am

    Most of those searches for cheap flights to Tenerife are probably down to me!! can’t wait to come back again!!

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