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insider tip – where to eat typical canarian dishes?

On Tenerife you can find lots of restaurants, taverns and so called “Guachinches” distributed all over the isle. The Guachinche restaurants are typical for the canary isles and here you are served typical canarian dishes and specialties from the region.

The ambience in the guachinche is something really special. Normally those kinds of restaurants are established in garages or old canarian houses. It happened often to me that I wanted to visit a guachinche and didn’t have any idea where to find one. As well as if you live for a longer time on the isle you don’t know even the half of the guachinches and typical restaurants existing here.

Now there is a site, on which you can get wonderful insider tips about guachinches, restaurants and taverns. The site is called “De Picoteo por Tenerife”, which means something like gourmandizing all around Tenerife. Every month good insider tips about harmonic places to enjoy real canarian food are published.

The publications are a sort of field report. Those reports are accompanied with photos. Like this you can get yourself an idea about the ambience and the kind of dishes served. Watching the photos you get real appetite to taste the specialties and visit those places.

On the site it’s mentioned where the restaurants are situated and when they are opened. As well you get information about the kind of dishes and specialties offered. If there are some special events and offers the site is informing you about that. For example when there are special invitations for chestnuts ore suckling pigs in autumn.

If you want to know the canarian gastronomy, you can visit the page “De Picoteo por Tenerife” and get a good insider tip.

Here you are the direction of the webpage (Spanish):

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