Isle of Tenerife

Masca excursion and boat trip to los Gigantes

Have you ever dreamt of discovering one of the forgotten cities or lost civilizations in Latin America?

Now, you have a chance to discover a mystic place, which is situated closer to you than you could ever think.

The Masca Hills“The Forgotten Village“ of Masca on the Isle of Tenerife is set in the north western part of Tenerife, just in the heart of the Teno Mountains. Its extraordinary character is stressed by the fact that until 1991 there were absolutely no roads to get there. Masca is an idyllic place, where the time has simply stopped.

It is a must especially for walkers and hikers or those who seek for traditional atmosphere of little tapas bars, tiny churches and cosy huts.

You may choose from the wide range boat tours from Masca to Los Gigantes (Cliffs of the Giants). This natural phenomenon is a very popular tourist attraction due to its beauty and scenic situation.

The coast offers excellent diving and fishing conditions.

In the Los Gigantes Town you will find some great pubs, restaurants, cafes and resorts. There is also a wide choice of diving excursions and watersports.

It is worth pointing out that you may take sailing lessons in a sailing club which is based there.

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