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Travelogue: My holidays in Tenerife

Last year I was very excited, about my first holidays in Tenerife. I heard very much of this island and so I started to make my own impressions of this island. So first of all I can say, that my holidays in tenerifa were awesome. Tenerife is not just an island for hanging around in the beach and doing nothing. You can do this in the south of the island, but the rest of the isle of tenerife waits for you to discover it.

Cafe Pavillon in Puerto de la Cruz
Beach Cafe in Puerto de la Cruz

Of course, many people went to Tenerife because of this, but you don’t have to do this. Tenerife has many options do make your holidays. What I liked very much, was the many beach-bars in Tenerife. My holidays were about 2 weeks and I could nearly every evening, went to another bar. It was awesome! But also the landscape was very beautifully in Tenerife. Most oft the people over there, just hang around on the beach, like I said it before. But for me, it was not enough.

Tenerife hast more to give than the beaches and the sea and everyone who makes his holidays over there, have to check out the landscape in Tenerife. And also it’s so amazing, cause the flight to Tenerife and also the hotel was very cheap. I looked in the Internet at a many flight-portals and I found a lot of really cheap flights + hotels. So I would rather you to do this at the same way.

San Telmo, Puerto de la Cruz
The quarter of San Telmo in Puerto de la Cruz

The onliest thing you have to look at, is to find the right site for that. Maybe you can make a test in the Internet and ask there for good sites. Cause a lot of this sites aren’t very seriously. But I don’t want to put a bad taste in this, cause Tenerife is really awesome and I would make my holidays over there, every time again.

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