Isle of Tenerife

The valley of Masca

Masca is a mountain village placed in a volcanic crater in the north-west of Tenerife with round about 100 inhabitants.

The most important place of this beautiful village is the small plaza at the church. The whole hamlet is devided into parts and distributed to several mountain sides.

Masca is well-known for its tasty onions, potatoes and garlic but also the yame-fruit, plam juice, citrus fruits and goat chees are delicacies.

Furthermore especially the type of construction of the houses is very conspicuous because of the way they are built into the mountain side.


One of the most famous hiking-tours begins in the middle of the village and leads trough the barranco, which means canyon, to the sea – it takes about 6 hours bidirectional (descent and ascent)

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