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Here you can read a tenerife travelogue from one of our readers.

Last year I was very excited, about my first holidays in Tenerife. This island is the most popular of the Canary Islands. I heard very much of this island and so I started to travel there to make my own impressions of this island.

Mount Teide in Summer without snow

I don’t wanna be like the other tourists, so I decided with my family to stay in a private holiday home instead of an hotel room. So we can do the whole day what we want. It was a fancy finca in the countryside of El Sauzal. We rented a car, of course, to see all the highlights of this volcanic island.

First of all I can say, that my holidays in tenerife were awesome! Tenerife is not just an island for hanging around in the beach and doing nothing. You can do this at all the beaches in the south of the island, but the rest of the isle of tenerife waits for you to discover it. Nevertheless you also find some beautiful beaches in the north of tenerife. Exotic flowers and other plants grow at Playa Jardin, the beautiful beach in Puerto de la Cruz in the North of Tenerife.

The beaches of Tenerife are naturally made of black volcanic sand, they were gorgeous and the ocean is wild and refreshing. I walked along the ocean and sometimes I was completely alone. Wonderful!

Black Sand
Mount Teide from the Playa Jardin-Beach in Puerto de la Cruz, in Winter with snow

I also visited the Mt. Teide, the highest mountain in Spain. You can ride a cable-car to the summit. And I had an unrivalled view on the lunar-like landscape. You can see all the colours of different types of rock, orange, green, rust, black and beige.

For good photographers a must, to eternalise this fascinating view in pictures. I’m not a good photographer, so I tried to put these colours in my mind for ever.
And, believe it or not, on this bald peak I found vegetation. It was a kind of daisy flower, growing in bushy clumps, very cute.

The most impressive in the time on Tenerife was beside the really good and wonderful conditions for swimming that the nature all around this place is asthonishing and perfect. That Tenerife can present this wonderful landscape depends on their origin out of volcano activities.

Also I must give the advice to watch out for the Tenerife bugloss, the Tajinaste. The best beside the ”Parque Nacional del Teide“ was Anaga and Teno which are two rural parks where you can get lots of good photograph images. Also the Canary Islands Dragon Tree is a plant you can’t see at any other place.

I drove around, visited all the traditional rural towns and hillside villages.

Just for fun you should go out in Puerto de la Cruz. It’s said to be better for the older people, like I am, and it exceeded all my expectations. It was a quiet, cool space, that’s what people told me. And there were right! I had a relaxing evening there.

The northern coast was bordered by steep cliffs, but the southern part was for the tourists. It was not because this part was hotter, but rather the infrastructures were more developed.

What I liked very much, was the many beach-bars in Tenerife. If you spend your holidays in the South, you could visit nearly every evening another beach bar. It is really awesome for your party holidays!

This was my tenerife travelogue. I hope you enjoyed a little bit. If this is so, perhaps you want to share this with your family and friends.

If you ever plan an unforgettable vacation, you should go to the island of tenerife!

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