Isle of Tenerife

Valleys and volcanic landscape

Tenerife is the largest of all Canary islands situated only approximately 300 km from the coast of North-Africa. The seven islands of the Canary Island group form together the autonomous community of the Canary islands.

Vulcan Landscape TenerifeTenerife has a surface of 2.068 km² and a population of approximately 800.000 inhabitants. In the language of the aborigines called “Guanches“ Tenerife means “snow-covered mountain“.

The “Pico del Teide“, the highest mountain of Spain, situated on the isle of Tenerife, divides it into two climatical different parts:

The north is very fertile and abundantly covered by vegetation, while the south of the island is very dry and similar to a desert. Therefore, sometimes Tenerife is called the “island with the two faces“.

The volcanic landscape in the middle of the island covers two thirds of the whole island. The peak of the vulcano Teide reaches a height of 3.178 metres. He is the highest mountain of Spain and the third highest volcano of the world after two in Hawaii.

Almost all inhabitants of Tenerife live distanced from the sea in the valleys, near the area of agriculture like in La Orotava

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