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To go on an excursion to Tenerife

The largest of the seven Canary Islands is Tenerife. About 43% of the Canarian inhabitants live there, and among tourists Tenerife is the most popular of the Canaries.

In February 1999 my friends and I decided to book flights to Tenerife as we wanted to spend a great time at the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Before the trip we had created extraordinary costumes for our participation in that special event. We really enjoyed having parties in the streets, dancing to music of Caribbean rhythms, drinking Sangrí­a and meeting people from anywhere. There were many interesting bands and orchestras playing in the streets. The atmosphere was just brilliant! I guess you can imagine we did not sleep too much. My personal highlight was DJ Armand Van Helden´s performance at the Santa Cruz Dance Carnival on Monday of Carnival.

Santa Cruz´s Carnival

Tenerife is a fantastic vacation place for nightlife in general. We liked the evening programs in our hotel in Playa de las Americas a lot. In the week after Carnival there was a karaoke show for everyone, and me and my friends sang a song which was originally recorded by the Spice Girls.

Playa de las Americas is the perfect location for going out. We spend a lot of time during the nights in the clubs. My favourite one was Tramps, the most popular night club of the island. I admit it was not cheap at all. However, some of our Canarian friends knew one of the guys working there, and so we got entrance and at least a few drinks for free. One night we were not into dancing that much, so we decided to spend some time at Brannigans, a small pub where the DJ played Indie music most of the time.

If you still look for a place where to spend your next party vacation, do not hesitate and a book a flight to Tenerife – it is a real nightlife paradise.

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